Katrina Peters

When people seek Katrina Peters’ advice, they are usually going through one of the most stressful times of their life.

With more than 17 years in the legal field as a paralegal and law clerk; and now as a solicitor, Katrina knows how to connect with and relate to her clients – while delivering the best possible outcomes for them.
Katrina works with her clients to support and understand their needs; ensuring she is best positioned to make a difference in their lives and give real peace of mind. She is focused on giving them the direction and solutions they need to move on with their lives.
At the heart of everything she does, and her greatest support, is her husband and daughter. To her, family is everything and she cherishes the time spent with those closest to her – so she knows her important it is to preserve and protect those her clients hold dear.
With experience at several other law firms in the Mackay region, and a strong understanding of the community and those therein, Katrina joined Statewide Family Law in October 2017.
Her empathy and ability to relate is matched by her high-level academic and professional credentials.
She graduated in 2015 with a Central Queensland University Bachelor of Laws as well as receiving a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Queensland University of Technology. She has a Certificate III Diploma in Applied Science and has spent her professional and academic career in the Mackay region.
Finishing her law degree while juggling work and family commitments ranks as one of her highest achievements to date, but she’s not done yet. Whilst travel and time with family are always a focus, she has an immediate focus on building her career and gaining the skills she needs to deliver the very best service and outcomes for her clients.